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NPD Analyst: PS5 Will Not Release Before Fall 2020

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Recently, the President of PlayStation John Kodera said that PS4 has now entered the last phase of its life cycle. This statement prompted Mat Piscatella to make a prediction on the next console of PS5.

The analyst of NPD Group, known for its reliability, said that PS5 will not arrive on the market before the fall of 2020. This means that the owners of the current console will be able to enjoy at least three more festive seasons full of big releases.

For the future, Piscatella expects more frequent hardware updates: “I’m forecasting PS5 no earlier than fall 2020, which would mean at least 3 more holidays of big releases to enjoy on the platform, and a perfectly normal cycle length. Just because a next gen is mentioned is meaningless to the breadth and depth of content that is coming.”

In another tweet, Piscatella said he was not at all surprised by John Kodera’s statement: “In the future I do expect pace of incremental upgrades to happen much more quickly, on a 1-2 year cycle instead of 4-7 in order to better mirror what happens in other tech lines. Lots of benefits with more frequency.”

“Current cycle started in 2013. Of course, we are entering the final stages of it. We’ve only been through this whole cyclicality thing seven or so times before. How is this even at all surprising,” Piscatella concluded.

Meanwhile, it seems that Mark Cerny is already meeting the experts, in order to develop a console as accessible as possible for developers. Digital Foundry, for its part, tried to imagine the system specifications of the future PlayStation console, which could include a Zen CPU, an AMD Navi GPU with 11TFLOPs and 16-24 GB of GDDR6 RAM. Even the English editorial team aims to 2020 as the year of release of PlayStation 5.

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What do you think of his statements? Do you think 2020 would be the right year for the launch of PS5? Tell us in the comments below.