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PS5: Insider Reveals Specifications & New Details on Sony’s Next-Gen Console

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We continue to talk about PlayStation 5: After the PS5 benchmark was released this morning, an insider has released some alleged technical specifications of Sony’s next-gen console.

The insider (whose name is not known, to be honest) seems to have confined himself to collecting some well-known rumors about resolution, GPU, RAM, SSD and release date, without really revealing anything, or at least concretely compared to, which Mark Cerny has already revealed in recent months.

Technical specifications for PS5:

  • AMD 7nm Zen 2 Ryzen, 8 core 16 threads, @3.2GHz clock speed.
  • AMD 7nm Navi Next Gen RDNA, 36 Dual-CU (72CU), 64 shaders, @1.55GHz clock speed. 14.2TF.
  • RAM is still not final. Toying between 16GB-24GB GDDR6.
  • Hardware Ray tracing
  • 2TB SSD
  • Full Backwards Compatibility
  • 8K Capable
  • Aiming for Holiday 2020 release

It’s hard to beat in terms of what’s being reported, or, as mentioned, this is not a major insider, and most of the information is already known to the public as officially confirmed by Sony last spring.

At the moment, everything is silent on the part of the Japanese company, that has not announced anything about the presentation, the date of publication and the price of the PS5 and confines itself to explaining that these aspects are not yet completed.