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PS5 Survey Reveals Players Are Ready To Spend 600 Euros for Sony’s Next-Gen Console

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A survey by the German website revealed how much people are willing to shell out for the next-gen console of Sony, PlayStation 5. Clearly, the respondents considered 600 euros as the maximum acceptable amount for high-end hardware used in PS5.

The price of the new console of Sony, PS5, has become a hotly debated topic, as analysts compete with each other to predict the exact figure. The numbers fluctuate quite considerably, with some thinking that the starting price could be $399 and others talking about $1,000. Recently, a Swedish store would have started pre-orders by putting PS5 on the price list at a price of around $1050 USD. has given its audience the opportunity to declare how much money they would pay for the PS5. The participants stated that the figure of 600 euros seems to be the magic number. The most realistic observers believe that PS5 can be around between €400 and €600.

The launch price of PS5 will certainly be a determining factor for the eventual success of the console, just remember the case of PS4. According to the survey, therefore, if Sony will launch its console with a maximum price of 600 Euros, there are excellent chances that most of the fans will immediately make the leap to the next-gen console.

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