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Rumor: PS5 Specs Could Include AMD Navi Architecture With Zen CPU, Releases in 2018

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Rumors continue to emerge on PlayStation 5 or PS5, the most likely name of the console of the next generation of Sony, this time coming from the website Semiaccurate. The site in question proved to be quite reliable in the past: in 2012 it revealed the actual specifications of the current PS4 and, later, it anticipated the agreement between Nintendo and NVIDIA for Nintendo Switch.

According to reports, as per Semiaccurate website, PS5 will use the Navi architecture of AMD and will mount an 8-Core Zen CPU, moreover, the rumors claim that some of the team members are already in possession of the development kits which seem to be confirmed.

Both will be optimized for better VR performance, which means that PSVR will continue to evolve over time and over the next generation. As for the GPU, at the moment Sony still has not chosen the final solution, which however should not be late beyond the end of 2018.

The rumors also confirm Sony focused on PlayStation VR, the new console should be equipped with a new version of the viewer and could be prepared for virtual reality, integrating within it all that is needed for the operation of PSVR.

Obviously, there is nothing official about it and, most likely, PS5 will be released between 2019 and 2020. Waiting for news, confirmations or denials from the Japanese company, what do you think of the latest rumors on the next flagship of Sony? Tell us in the comments below.