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PS5 Spec Leak Suggests 8-Core Zen2 CPU and 20GB RAM

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New rumors on PS5 are speculating on the powerful 8K hardware with massive memory and advanced VR capabilities.

Sony has always gone with the path of comparatively powerful hardware including its PlayStation consoles. This is also the latest rumors coming from the Beyond3D Forum, which in the past has already proved to be quite a source of information regarding other console hardware. It states that AMD’s Navi GPU and 20GB GDDR6 RAM could be used in PS5. More 4GB DDR4 Ram is to be installed specially for the operating system.

According to the speculation, the CPU could become an 8-core Zen2 processor, which could result in a total of 14.2 Teraflop computing power. Such a configuration would not only allow 8K content, but also allow significant advances in VR. Important for Sony is mainly the pricing.

The fact that such a hardware could be realized at a lower price is up for debate. But whether it can be done at a competitive price is crucial. The magic price point for new consoles is traditionally $399, according to experts.

Sony has not made any announcements yet. Many analysts expect a release of the PS5 in 2020 and an announcement later this year. What do you think about this leak? Tell us in the comments below.