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PS5: Sony Patents New Technology to Reduce Loading Times of Games

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A new Sony patent for PlayStation 5 (PS5) uses a technology to reduce loading screens.

Since Sony started talking openly about PlayStation 5 (PS5), it has always emphasized the intention to cut down loading times of games significantly. To succeed, as shown in a video, the next-generation console will take advantage of SSD storage media, which will replace the traditional hard drive and have been optimized for the occasion.

That’s not all, though: a new patent filed by Sony refers to a technology that is a “System and method for dynamically loading game software for smooth game play.” In the description of the idea, it is also emphasized that the latter will allow to reduce loading screens.

To do this, the technology loads the next part of the scenario, in a standby memory module, while it is approaching the limit of the one already loaded: thus, the new content will be shown instantly, with no more clicks from one side to the other, without pop-in or transient screens.

It, therefore, emerges that Sony’s intent is precisely to make the uploads by using only a memory of the previous generation: this will be one of the characteristics on which PS5 wants to bet for its future.

Source: IGN