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PS5 Price Hike Imminent If The US Increases China Tariffs

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The PlayStation 5 will be equipped with high-end hardware and can offer so much more than the previous console. Sony is therefore likely to set the price for the PS5 rather high. But as the company’s CFO now explains, US tariff policy could push the price even higher.

Will the PlayStation 5 really cost $800? Or even more? The rumor mill at the retail price of the PS5 has been bubbling for a while. Lastly, the website of MediaMarkt indicated that the next-gen console of Sony would cost about $1050. This is unlikely to happen.

How much the PS5 will cost, is still unclear. However, Sony has now revealed to the Wall Street Journal that the company should increase the price of video game consoles if the US government actually raise tariffs on China-made equipment. The reason for this is that Sony has a large part of the PlayStation consoles made in China.

“We believe, and therefore have told the U.S. government, that higher tariffs would ultimately damage the U.S. economy,” said Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki.

The PS5 does not even have a release date, but Sony signaled at a conference with its investors that the new generation should not arrive until April 2020. The information was revealed by The Wall Street Journal technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki.

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