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Simul Software: PS5 and New Xbox Will Advance In The Games With Procedural Content

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One of the main advances in technology for PS5 and the next Xbox will be the use of procedural content in multiple aspects. At least that is what Roderick Kennedy of Simul Software believes, creators of trueSKY, a tool for creating skies with volumetric clouds and atmospheric data.

“I anticipate a big move towards procedural content in the next generation or two. The generation of content is not limited by computing power, space or even bandwidth so much as the human capital that’s expended in creating it,” Kennedy said in an interview with GamingBolt.

“I think what we’ve pioneered with skies in terms of 100% generated content, albeit with artistic input and programmed control, will become the norm for 3D objects, textures and gameplay elements. None of that takes away from the craft and creativity that goes into games, it’s a new set of tools that developers will use in ways we can’t yet imagine,” Kennedy further stated.

Current games like No Man’s Sky already use a lot of content that has not been placed by developers, but most current games still use textures and maps designed by artists.

In another news, thanks to a patent update by Sony, the firm could be testing methods to ensure backward compatibility on its next machine, that is to run PS4 Games on PlayStation 5.