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PS5 Dev Kit Is Real, Codemasters Game Developer Confirms

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Yesterday, the expectation around the next PlayStation 5 rose again when the design of a piece of hardware was revealed that was thought as the development kit of what will be the next console of Sony. The information was generated from a patent registered by Sony Interactive Entertainment that includes the hardware design made by Yasuhiro Ootori, creative linked to the development of PS4. Well, although there were indications that this could be the PS5 dev kit, a few moments ago a game developer said that, indeed, it is.

A few moments ago, and after all the reports that have been generated around the strange hardware design that was considered as the PS5 dev kit, Matthew Scott, a Codemasters artist, revealed through his Twitter account (now deleted) that the piece of hardware that left everyone with many questions after showing the world yesterday, it is the dev kit of the next PlayStation. In fact, in the publication, he said that the Codemasters team has some of those kits in their offices, so this could be considered as a step forward to confirm that the studios are already working and experimenting with PlayStation 5.

The patent documentation with application number 302019002287 was reviewed by the LetsGoDigital site, who shared the design of the PS5 development kit from different perspectives in an image that includes the official Sony Interactive Entertainment logos and the credit for Yasuhiro Ootori.

It is worth mentioning that, so far, there is no confirmation or official statement by SIE, it is also expected that the agreement with the development studios will involve a confidentiality clause. However, the publication of the Codemasters creative cannot be overlooked and, in the end, the patent documents are publicly accessible.

So, the hype for PS5 seems to enter a new stage and we might soon know more about the new Sony console.