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PS5 Cooling Patent Suggests Next-Gen Console Will Be Quieter Than PS4

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These days more and more rumors are appearing on the net dedicated to the next generation console, namely PlayStation 5 or PS5. Today we have published a news story about the possible look of the next-gen console. Now, the new rumors focus on the cooling system.

A patent filed by the technical director of Sony, Yusuhiro Ootori, in May of this year shows what appears to be a cooling system composed of several “V” shaped fans. Since the PS4 cooling system is notoriously noisy, the patent could indicate an improvement in this problem in the next console.

Having said that, there is no certainty about this image that indicates what we are talking about a cooling system and if it were, the device could be applied to consoles for developers who are currently working on new titles for the platform.

In short, we cannot verify that this affects the final design of the PS5 itself, however, Yusuhiro Ootori is the same technical director who filed the patent for the design of the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, we only have to wait for new information from Sony itself.

What do you think about this PS5 cooling patent? Let us know about your opinions in the comments below.

Source: GamesRadar

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