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Report: PS5 Benchmarks Reveal Gonzalo APU Beats RTX 2070 and Vega 64

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Apparently, the complete list of PlayStation 5 (PS5) specifications was overlooked by the Twitter user APISAK recently, and several media organizations have already described the user as being the holder of credible information both now and in the past, so there are at least signs that it is good enough.

The list says that Sony’s PS5 console will use an AMD Gonzalo APU and has now run a number of synthetic benchmark tests to try to determine how powerful the console is.

Using Fire Strike, they have run comparable tests, including running the PS4 console and an RTX 2070 graphics card, and the result is striking.

  • RTX 2070 — 18,103
  • VEGA 64 — 19,200
  • GTX 1080 — 19,370
  • PS5 Gonzalo — 20,000+
  • RTX 2080 — 21,892

Thus, Gonzalo is only beaten by an RTX 2080. However, it must be said that Sony has not confirmed that this is actually the Gonzalo APU, and that the test must, therefore, be treated as a rumor so far.

However, considering that the initial announcement of the next console of Sony pointed to a resolution of up to 8K, compatibility with ray-tracing and a series of features that will require all this raw power to work, it is very possible that this is really the PlayStation 5 SoC. But it should also be noted that the performance of video games will depend not only on it, but also on the optimization, the graphics engine and the type of work itself, so we will have to continue to learn more details.

Anyway, the wait is ending and everything seems to point to what will be the next year 2020 when the next generation of consoles comes to market. Of course, we will be attentive to everything that arises about it to bring it as soon as possible.