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PS4 will not work with PS VR and HDR at the same time

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Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 may not play content in virtual reality and HDR at the same time because of a connectivity problem.

PlayStation VR

The PlayStation Blog has today released an FAQ article about the virtual reality headset from Sony, the PlayStation VR, and provides information on HDR compatibility of the headset and the console.

A few hours ago, the company published a document which states that PlayStation VR must be connected to the TV with an external processing unit. But nevertheless, when the glasses are not in use, the box will simply serve as a means for the video signal.

The problem is that, although the device can stream content in 4K to 60 frames per second, it is not compatible with HDR. Therefore, the players will have to unplug the processing unit and connect the console directly to the monitor every time they want to use this feature.

This is not due to a limitation of the two consoles, but the fact that the power unit of PlayStation VR is not compatible with HDR technology, enabled on all PlayStation 4 via the 4.0 update in September.

So any player wishing to use the HDR mode on the TV will have to disconnect the headset and connect the console to the TV, bypassing the PS VR unit. A concession that is not so important in itself, but must be emphasized.

PlayStation VR will be released on October 13 in the United States, but in Latin America the device will be available until 2017.

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