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PS4 Users are Annoyed about Bizzare PSN’s Cloud Save Limit

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PS4 fans are surprised: In PSN, you can get 100 GB of cloud saves, but in total there may only be 1000 saves count. That does not quite fit together,  it seems somewhat arbitrary and accordingly provides frowns.

The PlayStation Network’s Cloud Save feature allows PS4 players to save their save counts in the cloud. However, there are some limitations that frustrate some players: Although you have 100 GB of storage space available for your Cloud Saves, you can only store 1000 save games. That does not quite fit together and seems quite contradictory.

Sounds weird, but it is like this: If you want to store more than 1000 save games in the PSN cloud, it reaches the limit of the system. Those who have done so do not understand the limitation. Is there a bug in the system? Some PS4 players now suspect that and on Twitter have expressed their displeasures about this bug.


It obviously depends on the developer, whether the savegames are individually loaded or bundled into the cloud. Some games occupy many memory slots very fast. If you then create different save games, often manually save them and use the autosave function, you can easily accumulate many cloud saves. There are also demo versions of games and more.

It is also unclear whether the limitation applies only to PS4 titles, or whether it also extends to PS3 and PS Vita titles.

Unfortunately, there is no good way to see how many Cloud Saves are already occupied – you have to count them by hand. Which is of course somewhat impractical.

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Probably many players will never reach these limits, but it happens to some of them. They are annoyed now, because it is after all a service for which they pay.

Have you ever had the problem? What do you think would be the ideal solution for it? Tell us in the comments below.