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PS4 Sold More Than 5.5 Million Units in Japan; Nintendo Switch Exceeds 2.5 Million Units


The recent sales report of the Japanese market released by Media Create has not only been accounted for the weekly performance of Nintendo Switch but also for PS4, which registered 124,770 and 25,163 units sold respectively.

The report has also allowed considering the historical record of the consoles and the good news is that they have reached important numbers.

According to reports based on the sales record of Media Create, Nintendo Switch reached sales of more than 2.5 million units in Japan, because by adding what was recorded last week, the Nintendo console has already sold 2,522,298 consoles in the country in only 9 months.

The amount is important because it shows that Nintendo has been able to deal properly with the shortage experienced in the first months after the launch of the console because the success has made it a very desired product.

On the other hand, PlayStation 4 also reached a significant sales figure in Japan because the historical analysis indicates that, with sales recorded last week, the Sony console exceeded 5.5 million units sold, taking as a parameter its debut in that country.

In February 2014, PS4 already sold 5,540,449 consoles. The report considers that the start of PS4 was slow in Japan due to the lack of exclusive titles, to the presence of titles on PS4 and PS3 and, precisely, to the period of transition between both consoles, which took more than a year.

What do you think about the sales performance of the consoles in their territory? Will Switch surpass PS4 soon in Japan?