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PS4 Slim sells 7 times more than PS4 Pro in the USA

Over the past two months Playstation 4 has once again become the best-selling console in the United States. Contrary to what you might think, however, the new Playstation 4 Pro has not been the most sought by gamers.

According to data published by NPD, PlayStation 4 Pro has not yet managed to win the love of gamers who continue to largely prefer PlayStation 4 Slim. At the moment, Sony has never said how many PS4 Pro has sold since its launch last November.

Americans, in fact, still prefer the version of Slim. Sony at the time did not agree with official numbers, but according to data collected by Windows Central, out of 1,568,000 total units sold in the month of December corresponds to PS4 Pro were only 238,000. This means that six out of seven users preferred to buy the basic model.

Even in Japan there is a similar situation present: according to Media Create, Playstation 4 Pro has sold 117,050 units since launch against 495,104 units of Standard Edition sold in the same period.

As for Microsoft and Nintendo, Xbox One sales are up 10% over the previous month and counting all models, while Nintendo 3DS are up 4% compared to November and counting all models. However, all this growth of units sold has not translated into greater monetization and profit in dollars, as prices have fallen compared to 2015.

What do you think of this decline in the sales of PS4 Pro? Do tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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