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PS4 Slim and Neo will be presented during the PlayStation Meeting event on September 7?

Just recently, the first photos of the alleged PlayStation 4 Slim were leaked on to the network: many thought that this are false images but actually according to a source close to the project, the pictures would be absolutely authentic and portray the new version of PS4.

Sony is expected in September with two new Playstation 4 models; a smaller, thinner model and a model with more powerful hardware.

The source in question (anonymous, but considered reliable) told the Wall Street Journal that Sony’s current plans call for the announcement of PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 NEO (both names are not final) at the PlayStation Meeting, an event scheduled on September 7th.

The insider then made it known that there will be no announcements regarding a new handheld console, despite the rumor circulated in early August. We just have to wait a little over two weeks to discover all the news coming from Sony.

Sony has previously reported that it is working on an improved version of the console. The smaller model is still not official known.

The first images of the PlayStation 4 slim seems already to have been leaked, including through the forum of NeoGAF. If the images indeed show the new smaller version of the PlayStation, the new model has more rounded corners and a matte finish.

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