PS4 Pro Will Cost $935 USD in Brazil

The console will make its debut in the South American country next month.

PS4 ProPS4 Pro

Sony seeks to expand the reach of PlayStation throughout the USA. For this reason, Carlos Paschoal, the general manager of the brand in Brazil, announced that the PS4 Pro will arrive in that country very soon. Of course, this is good news for Brazilian players. However, there is a detail to take into account: the price of the console.

In case you do not know, Brazil has high fees in the video game sector. This causes the prices of both software and hardware to skyrocket. Paschoal said that PS4 Pro will arrive in the country in the next month on February 19 at a suggested price of $2999 BRL.

An analyst, Daniel Ahmad points out that this amount of Brazil converts to approximately $935 USD.

According to a Kotaku report, the standard PlayStation 4 arrived in Brazil in 2013 with an approximate price of $1850 USD. So, PlayStation 4 Pro will be cheaper during its launch. The high rates are undoubtedly a problem for Brazilian players, who face a similar problem to acquire titles for their consoles.

Another example of this disadvantage in prices in Brazil is that of Nintendo, a company that closed operations in the country in 2015. Fortunately for the players in the region, the company confirmed that it returned to that market.

What do you think about this situation that the Brazilian players are living with? Tell us in the comments below.

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