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PS4 Pro will capture 4K images but videos in 1080p only

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In later comments to the presentation of PlayStation Meeting, Sony revealed that the feature of sharing or Share will benefit from the extra power of PlayStation 4 Pro. According to the company, the catches taken to your games will have a 4K resolution and the videos that you record will reach 1080p and 30 fps.


As a reference point, it is important to remember that the current model of PlayStation 4 is limited to 720p. However, this will change with the new system of the console, which is scheduled to arrive on November 10 and will cost $399 USD. The name “Pro” is used by Sony to make it understand that the console does not supplant PlayStation 4, but will complement it.

Moreover, the new console from Sony brings great improvements to the rebroadcast of game, since some of the services that allow those transmissions may reach 60 fps at 1080p resolution. The services that will achieve this rate of frames per second are YouTube and Dailymotion, as long as our bandwidth allows it. However, other services will be limited to the broadcast at 1080p and 30 fps, such as Twitch.

Among the features of the new console version is that it will have 1TB hard drive, twice the GPU power, and improved CPU. Also it will achieve 4K resolutions and give developers the option to deploy the HDR technology.

Some games that will enjoy these benefits are FIFA 17, Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Patches will also improve graphics experience for titles such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Infamous: Last Light, among others.

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