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PS4 Pro Sells More Than 500,000 Units in Japan After 13 Months

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Thanks to the latest sales data released by Media Create, we found out that PS4 Pro exceeded 500,000 units sold in Japan alone.

To be precise, there are 511,255 of PS4 Pro consoles sold in Japan until December 17, 2017, a total reached after about 13 months of availability on the market. The data recorded by Sony’s mid-gen console represents 8.85% of the total of all PlayStation 4 sold.

Numbers certainly are not very high, but we must consider the premium nature of the console and the higher price compared to the basic edition. Sales have been helped by the marketing of a limited edition dedicated to Monster Hunter World, purchased by 33,000 players.

Meanwhile, during the last week PlayStation 4, which has reached 5,775,515 units sold, has exceeded sales of PlayStation Vita, which has instead sold 5,765,869 units in total. It seems that Sony is slowly starting to leave its portable support in Japan where, unlike the rest of the world, it has always recorded excellent results.

In recent weeks, there is a growing interest in the types of equipment of Sony. On average, about 70-80 thousand pieces of PS4 are sold per week. Sales of PS Vita are weak, but this is happening for understandable reasons.

The sale of traditional PlayStation 4 models dominates all the time. Only about 9% of sales is attributable to the more powerful PS4 Pro model.