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PS4 Pro patches for 4K and HDR could cost money

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According to an executive of Sony, the companies of video game could decide in the future to charge for upgrades that would allow 4K HDR support in the games on PlayStation 4 Pro. This would suggest that some dealers could eventually opt to sell the patches to improve the gaming experience on this console.


Two days ago, Sony announced PS4 Pro, the most powerful version of PS4 which boasts improved hardware specifications, including a GPU from 4.2 TFLOPS and increased memory bandwidth, which will increase the details in games, improve frame-rate, support the High Dynamic Range (but this feature will also be available on older consoles via upgrade), and especially 4K resolution.

In its announcement, Sony has revealed a list of titles for future output that will enjoy the graphical improvements on PS4 Pro, and the already released titles that will receive a patch to get these improvements.

But these patches to support PS4 Pro and its graphical improvements, will have a cost to users? It was explained by the executive vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Masayasu Ito, in an recent interview.

“It will be different for each title. I believe it will depend on the thinking of each licensee,” said Masayasu Ito, of Sony. Later, the executive said that this would result in games that deliver such support for free and others not.

It is noteworthy that these two features, HDR and 4K resolution are two of the main advantages that players will receive when they purchase this new version of PlayStation 4, since Sony has been proposed not to make a generational change with it.

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