PS4 Pro: How to fix the Black Screen

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At this time, some owners of PlayStation 4 Pro are reporting some problems with the console, which does not recycle to properly process the video signal, especially on 4K TVs of LG, although the problems could also occur with other brands of panels.


Due to an error of the HDCP protection, after the console connects to the screen it remains completely black, while the audio works correctly. A Reddit user claims to have solved the problem by following the below procedure:

1. Turn off the PS4 Pro using the appropriate button completely.
2. Press and hold the power button for seven seconds until you hear a double beep and at this point you will see the Safe Mode menu.
3. From this concerned menu change your HDCP setting to 1.4, the console will reboot showing images on screen.
4. Now go to the PS4 Pro System menu and turn off the HDCP.

If the screen supports HDR, you must enable it manually, for details refer to the manual of your TV.

Have you encountered any of this problem? Let us know if the above steps were useful to bring the situation back to normal.


  • Had this problem and found this guys fix day I got my system. It’s funny because yesterday I got an update for my TV but I cancelled it because I was mid online match and haven’t gotten it back since. I wonder if that was supposed to be the patch needed to fix the issue

  • I can make it work with HDCP 1.4, but that messes with the content and I’m about ready to just return the damn console!

    Why do so many people love Sony? It seems to me, they either willingly, or accidentally screw this crap up and I’m not really sure that it matters if it was on purpose or not, because the crap is still broken!

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