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Rumor: PS4 Passes 90 Million Units Sold, Switch Hits 25 Million Units

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The holiday season came to an end in different markets and that means that the sale results will begin to give something to talk about in the coming days. The expectation around the commercial performance of the consoles during these days is high and yesterday one information leaked that indicates that both PlayStation 4 and Switch exceeded important goals.

According to a report, Paul Hunter, video game and technology editor of Walmart Canada, with a track record in handling sales data in other commercial stores, revealed in his official Twitter account that PS4 already exceeded 90 million units sold, information that, if true, would mean that the console would have sold just over 4 million units after its last official record, published at the end of October of this year, where Sony reported that the total sales of the console was 86.1 million at that time.

On the other hand, the revelation of Hunter also referred to the performance in sales of Switch, assuring that the hybrid console of Nintendo already surpassed the 25 million units sold, that is to say that from the last official registry – that indicated 22.86 million consoles until final October of this year – its sales were just over 2 million units in the holiday season.

Like all information of this type, it must be taken with due precaution until the companies reveal official sales data that account for the performance of consoles this holiday season and the total they have accumulated. However, we must admit that the leaked information does not seem far-fetched because, given the popularity of PS4 and Switch in the world, it would only be necessary for both Sony and Nintendo to make it official.