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PS4 Neo will not shorten PlayStation 4 Lifecycle, according to Sony Boss

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According to the words of PlayStation Worldwide Studios boss, Shuei Yoshida, the new high-end console will not stop the growth of the first version of PlayStation 4, which is available in stores from 2013.

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Interviewed on the microphones of the German site Gameswelt.TV, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios, said: “Well no, PS4 is PS4, you know the new high-end PS4 is still PS4, so you know the lifecycle is not going to be shortened.”

The PlayStation 4 and PS4.5/PlayStation 4 Neo will be offered alongside each other, the Neo features faster hardware and undoubtedly a higher price. Sony will probably lower the price for the standard version, offering consumers an economical way to get acquainted with the PlayStation platform.

This statement certainly leaves room for interpretation, especially considering the basic reasoning of Yoshida.

Yoshida has also spent some words about Project Scorpio, the new Microsoft console arriving at the end of 2017, stating that the announcement took place at E3 2016 came as a surprise to Sony. The Japanese company, in fact, cannot wait to find out all the moves and the hardware of the next Xbox model.

After dozens of rumors, the new PS4 has been made official by Andrew House just before E3. However, it is still unclear when the Sony PlayStation 4 Neo or PS4.5 will be introduced, although recent rumors suggest that the console will still appear in this year. The new Xbox One, Project Scorpio, is scheduled for the end of 2017 and, according to Microsoft, it is one of the most powerful console ever.

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Stay tuned for all the details in the coming months!