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PS4 Neo Sketches Leaked

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While PS4 Neo will be unveiled in a few days, an employee of Foxconn today unveiled some sketches of the console … which of course was followed by mock-ups that you can see in the pictures below.

PS4 Neo Sketch 2

While the final design of the PS4 Slim is already certain, many are wondering how the PlayStation 4 Neo might look like later. One possible design conjured today by the artist Peter Segura, refers to a leak of a Foxcon employee.

While photos/videos of the PS4 “Slim” has leaked unabated last week, an alleged employee of the Foxconn company (huge Chinese manufacturer of many electronic products such as the PS4, iPhone/iPad, Xbox One and other Kindle), today unveiled on a Chinese forum, some of the possible sketches of the PS4 Neo.

From this sketch, a “mockup” pic was quickly realized by a certain Peter Segura, to better imagine how the famous “overboosted” PS4 might look like that will be officially announced in a few days.

PS4 Neo Sketch

There is also yet another image created by artsi, check that below:

PS4 Neo Sketch 3

If the information provided by the employee proves to be true, the console could be thicker but barely heavier than a conventional PS4, so much thicker than the PS4 Slim version on which we learned some information a few days ago.

Currently, the mockups are based on the own imagination of creators and do not necessarily apply at the end. Of course, in the coming PlayStation Meeting that is to be held on September 7 we will see whether the new PS4 Neo console will have this design or not.