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PS4 Firmware Update 6.71 Available for Download Now

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Just a few days ago, Sony had released a new update for PS4. The patch 6.70 only offered the usual improvements in system stability and was an optional download. However, after downloading this update, many players stated that they had certain problems in their console. Therefore, only a few days later, Sony has launched a new update with the aim of solving the problems caused by the previous one.

The latest PS4 firmware update 6.71 has an approximate size of 440 MB, that is, it occupies more or less the same as the previous patch. The main feature of this update is that it supposedly improves the performance of the PlayStation 4 system. Apparently, this patch does not cause any other change in our consoles since it was only intended to correct the failures caused by the previous patch.

If you still have not received the notification to update the software to your consoles, you can download this patch on the official servers of Sony. What seems clear is that PS4 will receive support for a while, although we are talking about the new generation of consoles. Sony has confirmed that it will continue to support PS4 at least, for three more years.

Sony’s statement says that PS4 will continue to be the engine of commitment and profitability for the next three years. In fact, PS4 is very important for Sony, since the console will provide the base of the players for the success of the next generation. The launch of PS5 seems to be scheduled for 2020 (still unconfirmed) so it seems that both consoles will have to live together for a while.

For its part, the developers are committed to continue taking care of PS4 despite the release of PS5 and, in fact, the backwards compatibility between both consoles is one of the big stakes of Sony.