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PS4 firmware update 4.50 will support external hard drives

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Sony has made official some of the novelties of the firmware 4.50, codenamed Sasuke, of PlayStation 4, which will enter beta today for selected users.

This version of the system includes important new features very much demanded by the players. The most important news is that Sony confirms that there is more to be revealed soon, which are as follows.

The space to save games will not be limited to the internal disk of the console. The console can connect a USB 3.0 external hard drive to store and install games, applications and expansions in this unit. You can also play games already saved on the internal disk.

Once you have connected one of these discs, everything will be available in the PlayStation 4 menu, as you would normally see with the internal content. The maximum size it can accept is 8TB.

You can customize the background interface with stored images using the Share button, this also includes browser captures. It also allows various settings to make the system icons more readable.

You can also edit the images in the application of Photo Mode of SHAREfactory to make the modifications.

The firmware 4.0 introduced the quick menu to access important functions during the game, it can be opened by pressing and holding the PS button. With the new firmware its design occupies less part of the screen and you will have more options to create and join groups without leaving the game.

An option similar to social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, messages may be posted in the activity of PSN that your contacts will receive. They can be sent text messages, tags with friends, add pictures and more. You can also send captures directly to the Live from PlayStation section as a public activity, for all users of a game.

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It lets you to enjoy 3D movies directly from the headset of PlayStation VR in stereoscopic 3D.