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PS4 Firmware Update 3.55 download available now

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Sony comes with an occasional improvement for its gaming console. Similarly, the PS4 firmware update 3.55 which is shrouded in mystery and takes no extensive description.

PlayStation 4 Screenshot

From yesterday it is possible to download PS4 firmware update 3.55. There is only little known about this update and it is likely to remain that way. According to Sony, it is only a minor update that allows to promote the quality of system performance. The total size of the firmware update is 286MB.

Indeed, as often, the update notes state that this new version “improves the quality of system performance”, without specifying the operations that led to these changes.

The firmware update is a mandatory download that, if you have turned this on, it will completely automatically be installed on your PS4. If you must do this manually, it requires not so much action. You just need to go to “Settings” and then click “System Software Update”. If this also did not help, then you can update via retrieving from the computer and copy the file to a USB and then you can slide it into your PS4.

It is not known why a wide range of improvements are not given. These may be the result of the fact that these changes are completely uninteresting for the user. It is also a possibility that the PS4 leaks at the seal is in the areas of privacy, security and jailbreaking.

As usual, it is necessary to download and install the latest firmware update (3.55) for the console to play the latest titles, connect to the PlayStation Store or access other online services.