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PS4 firmware update 2.57 download now available

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Update: At the time of writing this article, the new PS4 system software update 2.57 version was already out offering stability improvement “at the time of using of some features” and nothing else, and also it comes at around 245MB size.

PS4 will be getting a new firmware update soon. The firmware version is 2.57 and it might appear shortly. A proper release date is not yet clarified, but this new update will bring more system improvements and stability. PS4 has received constant new firmware updates for better output. The console is the latest model. New console means improved graphics and better output compared to the older models. We had also seen that a lot of games are slowly getting console exclusive. That means they don’t have any version to be coming up on PC. The most recent update it has got was 2.55. Most of the patch logs that we had seen about the update are that it consists of system improvement and stability. Sony has yet to clear what are the things that it will be adding.

PlayStation 4 Screenshot
PlayStation 4 Screenshot

The last update offered a new feature where players can backup data of PS4 system to an usb device.  And they can also upload their video clips on Dailymotion. So here updates mean lot better output and performance wise it also gets bit better. Once the update is out users will be notified for the same. The process to check for updates is simple. You have to go in Settings > System > System Information. Inside this you can find the current version number and if there is any update you will see details about it there. You will need an internet connection for downloading updates.