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PS4 firmware 4.72 suspected to have a bug that forces profiles into appearing offline

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New reports from users of PlayStation 4 indicate that a problem could be affecting the console after installing the patch that came yesterday, firmware 4.72.

Some Reddit users have reported a problem with the new 4.72 firmware for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro published yesterday. Various testimonies indeed recall how the update will force the profiles of users to remain offline, although those are regularly connected to the PlayStation Network.

Apparently, the bug causes players to appear as if they are offline, when in fact they are connected. The majority of users said that the affectation is only visual, as a malfunction of the features of PlayStation 4 has not been registered so far.

For now, it is not clear whether this is a bug or a glitch in aesthetic nature because many players can still play online and communicate with friends, despite being offline. Others say they are not able to chat and play games on the network, resulting in fact being offline.

The site status of the Sony PlayStation Network server does not reveal any problems so far, and the company’s social network accounts have not issued any warnings about it. We will be aware if Sony offers any solution to this glitch, or if it emits any communication about it.

Some players pointed out that restarting the system may correct the problem, but there is no guarantee that it will permanently disappear.

What about you, have you suffered a similar situation since you upgraded your PlayStation 4?

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