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PS4 Firmware 3.0 download available soon, adds YouTube Broadcasting and Twitter Video upload features

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PS4 is going to get a new firmware update in coming time. And this update is not only going to enhance the gaming output but with that it is also going to introduce some new features in many games. So this would be a kind of very interesting thing to go for. The update is going to put many new things that would help players to extend the console usage. For example, there will be a support for YouTube broadcasting. This will help players to get YouTube videos directly in the console. And also you can easily share and upload videos on Twitter through the updates. The new firmware update with these two things is going to bring a lot of new stuff in the games. So it is worth having the update that gives you ample of new features.

PS4 Firmware 3.0 Image
PS4 Firmware 3.0 Image

The update will be provided soon and will give you features like Event, Community, Now Playing, Message, Groups, YouTube Broadcast and Twitter video share. Under Event you can find ample of new Events. The community section lets you to create your own community. Under the Now Playing section you can create your profile and ask others to join your game. The message option lets you to chat well with your friends. You can create a group of your favorite list through this. You can share a 10 second clip with your friends on Twitter. All this features will help players to interact well with each other in the game.

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