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PS4 Facebook Support Ending Soon?

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Apparently it will soon be no longer possible to share pictures, videos and other content from the PS4 via Facebook.

For now, it is just an entry, also because everything emerged through a post on Reddit. In the message, we can see an image showing the PlayStation Asia support service revealing that the connection of PS4 via Facebook will end on October 7, today.

You can check the image below.

PS4 Facebook Support

However, there are some things to stress in this case, as well as reiterating again that this post should be treated as a mere rumor. First of all, Sony does not seem to have confirmed this news anywhere, neither in the West nor in Asia.

Furthermore, it cannot be excluded that, if true, it could be a date and a situation that only concerns the Asian territory. After all, the message comes from PlayStation Asia. In any case, it is still strange that everything emerged through a private message.

No social page of this division has in fact written a message about it, so it is good to take this news with a huge pinch of salt. At this point, we await official statements from Sony on the issue.

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