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PS4: An Exploit Allows Hackers To Access Your Credit Card

According to a report, a piece of very worrying news emerges. Following statements by some users, modders and hackers, it was reported that an exploit exists that allows hackers to access your credit card associated with your PlayStation Network account of PS4 and spend your money on game purchases. The exploit procedure was obviously not explained, as it is illegal, but an idea is given of how it works in general terms.

In practice, as you will know, by making a purchase from a device that is not your main PS4 console, the CVV, or the security number of the card, is requested before completing the payment. Through the exploit, however, it is possible to skip this step and perform all the desired purchases. Of course, first of all, you need to find out the access data to your account, but clearly, this is the easiest part of the whole process.

According to the MP1ST website, this is not a PS4 console problem, but a problem of the entire network. Furthermore, it is reported that the exploit has been usable for five years and that Sony has not considered the issue a technical problem, but simply a fraud, and therefore does not believe that it should act in any way to resolve the matter.

All this is also linked to the sale of accounts and consoles: hackers can log in with a stolen account, use the exploit to buy games without having to enter the CVV and download them to various consoles and then resell them. In this case, if the PS4s go online they are immediately banned, but as long as they are offline they are safe. The site then proposes a series of cases of users reporting purchases without their consent: such cases, according to MP1ST, are most likely related to the use of this exploit.

We specify that, currently, there is no definite evidence of the existence of this exploit and there are no official statements by Sony: we cannot, therefore, confirm one hundred percent that what is reported is correct. In any case, the best solution to avoid this type of problem is to activate two-factor authentication which requires an extra code sent via SMS in case of access via a new device. This way your PS4 and your finances will be safe.

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