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PlayStation Boss: PS4 Is Entering Final Phase of Its Life Cycle, More Exclusive Games Coming

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A little less than five years after its release (November 15, 2013, in the United States), the PS4 comes at the end of its life cycle. This is, in any case, what was said by John ‘Tsuyoshi’ Kodera during the Sony Investor Relations Day 2018 held recently in Tokyo.

Although the console has sold over 79 million copies distributed worldwide, the successor of Andrew House expects a decline in sales in the coming months. However, he believes that revenues generated by services such as the PlayStation Plus should limit the breakage. The latter has some 34 million users worldwide, while they were 20 million in 2016 and 26 million in 2017. So, we understand better the serenity of Kodera-san on this point.

Some upcoming exclusive games should also offer the PS4 a nice hedge of honor. We obviously think of The Last of Us 2 which will be shown at E3 2018, but also Ghost of Tsushima whose universe looks crazy.

In this regard, John Kodera said that if Sony Interactive Entertainment relied heavily on its internal studios, it was not only to encourage them to create new licenses, but also to renew existing ones. Should we see in these statements a possible announcement of the PS5 in Los Angeles? In writing, we do not believe it at all.

Finally, during the next fiscal year, Sony will continue to release and enrich its PS4 catalog of exclusives. As for the PlayStation VR, despite satisfactory sales and games that try to take advantage of the headset, the boss has recognized that the interest of players for virtual reality was not as strong as expected. We expected it.

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