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PS4 Had Best Black Friday Sales This Year in The History of PlayStation


Last Friday was held Black Friday, a celebration in which stores in the United States offer some of the best discounts of the year. While we still do not know which was the console that sold the most on this day, Sony Interactive Entertainment ensures that PS4 had the best Black Friday in the history of the brand.

In an interview with CNBC, Eric Lempel, the vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, revealed that this year Sony sold more PS4 consoles than any other Black Friday of its 22 years as a manufacturer of consoles. In addition, he noted that thanks to the success of PlayStation, the profits of Sony Corporation increased 346%.

“Going into this generation, a lot of people were counting out the console business and saying it wasn’t going to work out. But as you can see, the PlayStation 4 business is thriving. Last month, Sony Corp. reported their earnings. Profits were up 346%; the majority of that was fueled by the PlayStation business. We’re having a phenomenal year,” Lempel said.

Later, Lempel spoke about the performance of PlayStation VR in the market. According to the manager, it is a device that consumers love since they do not see it as a simple accessory, but as something “entirely new”. Finally, he said that Sony is just beginning its adventure in the world of virtual reality.

It is important to note that, for the moment, Nintendo and Microsoft have not indicated how their consoles went on Black Friday. So, for the moment we can only wait for them to share the November sales report to discover which was the winning platform. While we wait, tell us, did you buy a console in November?