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Ps4 Back Button Attachment – How Does It Work

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Most notably, custom controller manufacturer SCUF, many hardware companies have provided customers with rear buttons for years. Today Sony has entered the game, offering gamers an officially branded way to reap similar benefits. PlayStation has announced a new Back button attachment for the DualShock 4 controller, which adds two programmable buttons on the back of the DualShock 4, along with a high fidelity OLED screen. The rear button accessory will connect with the controller by inserting the socket commonly used for headphones. Both paddle buttons are programming to perform up to 16 different actions. Which PlayStation says will “shorten response times” while offering greater flexibility in competitive games. From this content. You can get knowledge on the ps4 back button attachment.


Getting know: What is the price for the ps4 back button attachment.

One thing Xbox One excelled at was its offerings for high-end controllers. Philps is walking up the game with the connected DualShock 4 Back Button. This device can be added to any existing DualShock 4 controller. It makes it even better for professional gaming. If you don’t like the professional gaming scene, you might not know that console gamers who play shooters at the highest levels of competitive play have been tweaking their controllers for nearly a decade.



Typically, they add additional buttons under the controller with some attachment, and now Sony has come out with their official device for PlayStation 4 players.

DualShock for the ps4 back button attachment

The DualShock 4 Back button attachment adds an OLED screen that uses to toggle between the various forms for the couple new buttons attached to the bottom of the controller. Here are the highlights of this new project as outlined in This PlayStation Blog Post:

  • Responsive Rear Buttons & High Fidelity OLED Screen: The two rear buttons can map up to 16 different actions such as triangle, circle, R1, and R2, to name a few, and provide amazing tactile feedback, so you can jump and swipe without missing a beat. The attachment also features an integrated OLED display that provides real-time information on button assignments.
  • Highly configurable: A dedicated button lets you remap back button inputs on the fly, so you’re always ready no matter what game you’re playing. Plus, you can save and choose up to three different profiles to use in various games, and there’s even a headphone pass-through for connecting any 3.5mm wired headset to the controller.
  • Developed by PlayStation: The product has been tested and approved for all of your favorite PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles and has been designed with the ergonomics of the DS4 in mind.

You will be able to get the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment when it starts on february 25, 2020, in the US and Canada for USD 29.99 / CAD 39.99 or your regional equivalent.

Playstation 4 launches two new buttons on the back of the DualShock 4 controller.

Sony has revealed its new PlayStation 4 accessory, a series of buttons that plug into the controller’s back. The “Back Button Attachment” is intended to give players more control over their games by allowing them to use both the back and front of the controller. It also features a bright OLED screen, which will enable gamers to see what settings they are on.

The new rear buttons attach to the existing DualShock 4 controller, sliding to the back where the microphone usually connects. That port is still there, as the attachment includes a microphone passage. The purpose behind such back pins is that they are more convenient for players to touch, as their hands are already holding onto the controller.

Players can then swap individual buttons, such as shifting gears in a driving game or reloading it in a shooting game. 

Their great move helps with it.

So they can be more quickly and easily accessed. It consists of two buttons, which are fully programmable and is mapping to any existing control. The small screen on the back shows what those buttons have been assigned to. Therefore it is allowing players to switch between them as they play.

The Back button attachment will arrive in January in the US and Canada and costs $ 29.99. The extension looks like an attempt to take on the Microsoft Elite Controller for Xbox. This one has the extra buttons built-in, but it also costs a lot more, at $ 179.99.

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Ps4 back button attachment Attachment Gamestop Gameplay Footage

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