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PS4.5 Neo price and release date listed on Amazon Spain

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According to a report in the Spanish division of Amazon, PS4.5 Neo would now close to a market launch. The retailer reported a release date for the new console edition on October 13, 2016, ie; the same day of release of PlayStation VR.

PS4.5 Neo Amazon Spain

Since yesterday, a document that should have remained secret appeared on the canvas giving us access to extensive information on the performance of the PS4 NEO. Also, there is a release date that would have been given by website.

Indeed, on the online ecommerce site we see a PlayStation 4.5 Neo console available for pre-order and it will be available on 13 October at €399. This confirms the updates from @tidux informing us the imminent release of the console.

Obviously, this must be taken with a grain of salt since Sony has NOT confirmed any release date of the new console. In addition, Amazon has since removed the details. However, everything suggests that more news will take place at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Sony has confirmed the existence of PS4.5 Neo shortly before the start of E3 2016. The console has yet to be officially presented by the company.

Although there are no details of the new console in the Amazon page, that can be referred to the PlayStation Neo, the new console reportedly includes a new processor and an improved GPU, along with a memory bandwidth which is also improved.