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PS4.5 comes with CPU, GPU, and RAM Improved, Codenamed Neo

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Earlier this year some rumors arose that pointed to the potential release of a new version of the PlayStation 4 from Sony. Now there are new details on this new console, often called as PS4.5 or PS4K by fans and the press.


The website Giant Bomb is responsible for having leaked new details about the console, which are quite peculiar from our point of view.

Apparently, Sony calls its new console as “NEO”, and will have a higher clock frequency than the original PS4 as well as improved graphics and higher bandwidth memory.

According to the report, the original PS4 and NEO will be compared as follows:

Original PS4 vs Neo

The most interesting part of these specifications is that there are two types of games available for the PlayStation 4, which will run on any PS4 console, and those that take advantage of the additional power of the NEO.

Instead of dividing the market, the report said that from October 2016 all games released for the PS4 must have a “basic mode” which will allow them to function in the old models, and “NEO” for new machines (which enables 4K quality and other improvements).

Developers apparently cannot create games only for NEO, nor may separate NEO users of the original PS4 users on the PSN. Similarly, developers will be able to release patches to add the NEO to their old games to create higher-quality versions compatible with the new console.

According to the same report, the NEO will not replace the current PS4, but “exist along with it and use the same user environment.”

Although, the October date is given for launching compatible games with the NEO, but it is not yet known whether the console will release on the same month or a little later, although there are many chances that Sony could release it on the market before Christmas.