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PS3 games now running at 4K and upto 10K using latest RPCS3 emulator

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There is a lot of talk about switching from 1080p (among other things not always secured in every game) at 4K but in these months you are getting to discuss even 10K, like the case of GTA V running at 10K/60 FPS on PC. A resolution-level evolution that interweaves in this case with emulation and in particular an emulator designed for PS3 games.

According to reports, there are many emulators that allow you to relive certain games of the past by going beyond hardware limitations, and the case of RPCS3 emulator is a clear example.

RPCS3 has, in fact, introduced the 4K with support for up to the impressive (and useless currently, it must be admitted) resolution of 10K. The results on titles that in most cases were proposed at 720p are, as you might imagine, really impressive because it is possible to exploit an anisotropic 16X filter.

Here is a video showing the incredible RPCS3 work with some games like Demon’s Souls, Ni No Kuni, Yakuza 4, Tekken 6 and Catherine:

The configuration used was not announced but the group claims to have tested the emulator on a high-end video card PC with support for Vulkan libraries. Of course, such results can only be achieved with a good PC if not good quality.
With the bulk of the work done by the CPU, the RPCS3 team claims that a video card with Vulkan support is required. Another emulator problem is compatibility since currently, only 15% of the PS3 catalog would be compatible.

What do you think of the remarkable results of this emulator?

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