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PS Vita removed from the official PlayStation Hong Kong website

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PlayStation Hong Kong has updated its website, removing PlayStation Vita from the product page, as noted on Twitter by Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners who goes by the name on social networks as ZhugeEX.

Some time ago Sony had claimed to bet again with PlayStation Vita in the Asian market. Will this really happen?

The analyst ZhugeEX, aka Daniel Ahmad, currently employed by the firm Niko Partners, noted on Twitter that Sony has removed PlayStation Vita from the official website of PlayStation Hong Kong. Officially he has not talked much about it, but it is assumed that it is a significant removal: it could be the beginning of the end for the portable console.

It was not immediately clear why PlayStation Vita does not fall more in the catalog of PlayStation Hong Kong, the only hardware available on the site are PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR while the handheld console of Sony has been removed from the list of supported services and products.

It could be a simple mistake, but it is possible that Sony has decided to stop distributing the console in Hong Kong, as a result of the lukewarm commercial results.

In the past, the Japanese company said that PlayStation Vita will continue to be supported in Japan, but without any specific reference to the other territories.