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PS Vita Officially Discontinued in Spain

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For the little support it has received from Sony Interactive Entertainment for months, it is clear that the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) did not have the expected success and that it is only a matter of time before its death is announced. Now, PlayStation Spain made a comment that seems to indicate that we are approaching that moment and that means a huge nail in the coffin of this console.

A few days ago, a fan was upset with how difficult it is to find a PS Vita in the market of his country. Shortly after this, the official account of PlayStation Spain joined the conversation to confirm that this situation is happening because the portable is discontinued in the same country.

If a product is discontinued it means that its creators do not intend to manufacture new units of its current version. While this term leaves open the possibility that the portable will be rebuilt at some point, it really is a possibility that seems difficult if we consider that Sony takes a while ignoring the portable.

It is important to note that, until now, Sony Interactive Entertainment America has not made any comment about it, so we do not know if it is a situation that applies to the same region or not.

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