Prominence Poker Benefits in Big Way From Cross-Platform Patches

Pipeworks Software, the developer behind poker-based role-playing game Prominence Poker, released its first set of patches for Xbox One and Playstation 4 during the first week of October.


Additionally, the company made patch 1.25.420.3 available to PC users via the Steam platform in late September.

Two months later, and the triple patch application appears to have done wonders for the niche game, prompting experienced players to hit the forums and express their appreciation. By addressing hundreds of bugs and adding dozens of new gameplay features to the mix, Pipeworks succeeded in addressing many of the concerns that arose during Prominence Poker’s first two months.

As per the patch notes released by Pipeworks, updates that apply across the Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms include 20,000-chip buy-ins added to all game modes, a fresh set of cosmetic enhancements for both male and female characters, and more than 200 new items which will be added to the in-game shop on a weekly basis.

Another update which was developed to ensure “parity between all platforms” saw the Tough Guy Bundle move to 33,000 chips for an increased cost of $2.99 (the bonus chip value of 10% remains unchanged.

One update that exclusively affects Xbox One users reduces the amount of Event Rewards issued by 50%, as a way of standardising the feature across all platforms.

Among the hundreds of bugs to be fixed by the three patches were connectivity issues, character interactions causing clipping, and features being returned to their default settings.

As a result, Prominence Poker players on any of the three major platforms are now able to enjoy a more seamless gameplay experience. Whether progressing through the single-player story mode, or exploring the interactive city of Prominence and its cast of card-playing characters through the multiplayer mode, Prominence Poker has been improved just in time to make the perfect gift for poker fans everywhere this Christmas season.

And as a gift, you simply can’t beat the price, because the game is made available as a free download. Of course, purchasing additional chips and adding in-game enhancements does cost a few bucks here and there, but the beauty of Prominence Poker is that savvy players can sustain their bankroll by outplaying their opponents.

Released in early August on Xbox One, and later in the month on PS4, Prominence Poker was published by Milan-based 505 Games to recreate the rough and tumble world of card sharps. The game isn’t Pipeworks’ first attempt at replicating the poker table experience, but 2013’s World Series of Poker (WSOP): Full House Pro was doomed by cartoonish animations that resembled Wii Tennis players more than bracelet winners.

In order to correct the mistakes, Pipeworks consulted with four-time WSOP champion and veteran poker pro Max Pescatori, a Milan-native who had an existing relationship with his hometown 505 Games.

Pescatori, who worked as a game reviewer for old Amiga titles before discovering poker, worked closely with the design team to give Prominence Poker more realistic animations, body language, and interactions at the table. Known to poker fans as the “Italian Pirate,” the boisterous Pescatori brings a laidback and carefree vibe to the tables, an attitude he hopes has been reflected throughout the game’s design.

He succeeded in that regard, at least in the eyes of Lindsay Gupton, who serves as President of Pipeworks. In a statement announcing Prominence Poker’s release on Xbox One back in August, Gupton praised the game’s ability to provide a genuine poker experience.

“Prominence Poker presents a unique, unparalleled poker game experience with an engaging storyline, colorful cast of characters, and highly stylized, gritty environments. After two years of development, we’re excited to share the experience of high stakes, backroom poker with the Xbox community.”

One of Pescatori’s primary contributions to the gameplay was the innovative Bluff and Tell system.

In order to more closely mimic the action at a real poker table, Pescatori offered his personal input on the concept of “tells” – or involuntary actions that give away the strength or weakness of a player’s hand – to the game’s developers. As the player, you can re-check your hole cards to see if you hit that flush, or make your betting decisions more quickly than normal. Through the game’s Bluff and Tell system, AI opponents are capable of interpreting these clues while arriving at their own decisions, while human players can enjoy poker’s cat-and-mouse dynamic in real time through the multiplayer mode.

Along with comprehensive character creation, a fully functional town of Prominence running tournaments and cash games around the clock, and Pescatori’s closely paid attention to the minutiae of poker mechanics, Prominence Poker combines with this first set of patches to form a sure winner.