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Project Scorpio will have support of Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles

Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s next console that will be launched at the end of 2017. The console will immediately be available with a wide range of games, as Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra confirmed yesterday on his official Twitter account that Project Scorpio can run Xbox 360 games due to backwards compatible.

Microsoft’s CEO Phil Spencer had in the past has noted several times that the company with the Xbox wants to create an ecosystem that goes beyond the traditional cycle and allows you to play games on a number of devices. This new console, Project Scorpio, is the first console of Microsoft which is capable, for a cycle, in the update and out of the box in order to run games from the previous two generations.

In November 2015 Microsoft introduced support of backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One with the flow of New Xbox Experience update. Currently there are only 250 Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One and weekly new titles are added to this list.

According to Microsoft, Project Scorpio is the most powerful console ever created in 2017 and will allow gaming in 4k. It is still unclear what the system is going to cost, although we expect given the hardware that it will be a hefty price. Sony’s enhanced version of the PS4 is the PlayStation 4 Pro, which will be released on November 10 for $399 USD. Microsoft claims that the new console of Sony has significantly disadvantaged performance compared to Project Scorpio.

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