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Project Scorpio Internal Power Supply Confirmed

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After the reveal of the technical specifications of Xbox Scorpio, the general manager of Xbox hardware design, Leo Del Castillo, explained how the new console of Microsoft will be equipped with an internal power supply, illustrating all the features.

Thanks to a hardware capable of exploiting lower frequencies, the team of Redmond has managed to minimize the heat produced and maintaining consistent performance, containing at the same time the size of the machine. Each chip inside the Xbox Scorpio will have some different voltages: this optimization will only provide the necessary amount of energy to carry out their task.

Thanks to this technique, called Hovis method, each chip produced by the manufacturer – that we remember to be TSMC – will be equipped with a specific power profile, thus eliminating the need to adopt an equal energy profile for all.

As for the audio, Project Scorpio will receive support for Dolby Atmos for the game. The audio parameter will work with headphones, over a Microsoft proprietary format, called HRTF and developed by the team Hololens.

The audio processor is virtually identical to the Xbox One, so the improvements will also be available on the current console of Microsoft, the improvements concerns a new surround type.

Ybarra has finally stated that Project Scorpio is designed for players who want the best version of the game as possible.


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