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Project L & Project A Announced by Riot, Short Footage Shown

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Riot Games has taken advantage of the 10th anniversary of the League of Legends celebration stream to reveal more details of two projects: Project L and Project A.

Project L is a fighting game that was already confirmed in the past EVO from Tom Cannon. It will be set in the League of Legends universe and has already confirmed Jinx, Katarina, Darius and Ahri as the first characters of the roster.

The development is carried out by Radiant Entertainment, a team that previously worked on Rising Thunder, a free-to-play fighting game that was canceled after the purchase of the studio by Riot. There are not many details, but the first images show a very detailed 2D graphic style reminiscent of some Arc System Works titles.

Without further ado, we leave you with the brief preview shown in today’s stream, courtesy of Wario64:

The surprise, and the project of which nothing was known, is Project A. It is a “stylish, competitive, character-based tactical shooter for PC.” In the first preview, it seems to pick up Counter-Strike and Overwatch elements.

Unlike the fighting game, Project A is a totally new IP and is not set in the same universe as League of Legends. Riot says the game takes place “on a beautiful near-future Earth and has a lethal cast of characters, each with unique abilities that create tactical opportunities for their gunplay to shine.” The company has also highlighted the quality of the netcode, with the aim of avoiding lag and improving the experience.

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Neither project has a release date, nor should we expect them in the short/medium term. Riot, in fact, has clarified that they will not offer more information in the near future on both games, so there is still a lot for us to enjoy.

You can check the short preview of the game below.

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