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Project CARS patch to increase performance by 4-7% download available soon

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Project CARS has been a great success with the critics, but the title is definitely not free from technical defects, especially in the version for Xbox One.

The title in fact suffers from some problems, especially in the edition for the Microsoft console, which limits the enjoyment, also due to annoying decreases in the frame rate that is present particularly in atmospheric conditions.

Many people on the official forums of Project Cars over here have noticed some problems with the controls in the Xbox One version of this game. Now they are just waiting for an upcoming patch that will fix all these problems that they have been experiencing. On the Xbox One consoles, Project Cars is also not always running at constant 60 fps. The frame rate breaks especially during a night race and when driving through rain.

Developers, however, assured that they are working on a patch that will further optimize the version of Xbox One: “We are working hard to address issues raised on the initial release. Stay tuned … I can tell you that Xbox One will gain at least 4-7% performance in a patch shortly and address some of the controller issues.”

Project Cars first appeared on May 7, 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and received mostly positive reviews. It is not clear when the patch will be published, but the team has ensured that it will arrive “shortly.”

Recall that Project CARS is available for Windows PC, Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4, while the version for WiiU will come later during this year.

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