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Project CARS On Demand DLC Service for free download available soon

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Project CARS is now getting an On Demand Free DLC service. This is something new and catchy for the gamers. Slightly Mad Studio who has created the game offers this new service where you can get a lot of new things instantly. This service is going to start with a Racing Icon car pack. That means there would be something new and exciting in the game.

This new On Demand DLC service for free will help players to choose the cars and tracks as per their choice. They don’t have to wait for any kind of season pass here. And this service is intended to keep on giving new and free updates to the gamers. So that there will be more and more new improvements and also game expansion will be lot more easier. This consists of content like free cars, free tracks, and much other additional content. It looks like to be the first kind of free on demand service for the gamers. The game developer will keep on adding new content on the same and that would be free.

Features of Project CARS On Demand Free DLC Service can be found here and below:

Updates: Get the latest updates on teh game for free. Updates and fixes will be loaded with highest priority.

  • Fixes for the highest priority issues identified by the community
  • Improved balancing and defaults
  • Additional functionality and expanded support for existing features
  • Brand-new items that open up new possibilities within the game
  • Support for new hardware released

Free Cars: Get new free cars in the section. Right now you can take Lykan Hypersport and there are two more cars in the line to be released soon.

Free Liveries created by Community: Another section will offer you pack of free liveries that are created through the community. This includes Driver Network and WMD Communities. Depending on the best artwork submitted by users a pack of free liveries will be available for download. There is one pack that is provided by users and a second pack will be released later on.