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Project CARS Developer’s new IP is dedicated to Hollywood Blockbuster franchise, Fast and Furious perhaps?


Slighty Mad Studios, responsible for Project CARS and its sequel, which will arrive in autumn, have signed an important agreement that will allow them to develop a series of video games based on a major film license. Although the company’s top manager has already given clues in April, the terms of the agreement are still unknown.

Apparently, Slightly Mad Studios at this time is not devoting exclusively to the development of, Project Cars 2, but is also working on a new IP. The news comes directly from Ian Bell, CEO of the software company, who has also shared some other interesting information about it.

As stated in an interview with GTPlanet, the agreement of these titles would relate to an important film saga well known by all, and would be, according to the managers of the company – from the mouth of the own Ian Bell -, framed within the genre of speed.

Although no official announcement will be made until a few months later – perhaps at E3 2017 – there are many who dare to venture that it will have something to do with Fast and Furious, the series of films of speed and cars carried out by Vin Diesel and The Rock, and whose adventures have already been adapted prior to video games.

It’s all pure speculation about official confirmation, but given that Bandai Namco is currently responsible for the license – and that the Japanese company maintains close links with Slighty Mad Studios thanks to the aforementioned Project CARS -, it would not be unreasonable to think about it.

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