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Project CARS Day-One Patch download already available

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Project CARS developed by Slightly Mad Studios is now officially available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One,  and together with the release a Day-One-Patch is also ready to download.

The detailed, almost four years of development time taken for Project CARS is now completed and the motor-sport simulation of Sligtly Mad Studios is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For all versions of the release there will be a day-one patch provided where the development team has added not only the Lykan Hyper Sport as a free vehicle but the patch mainly contains many optimizations worked after completing the Gold Master version. An update is therefore strongly recommended, and the changelog lists extensive fixes and improvements.

“We are very pleased that our fans can finally get the ultimate racing experience to which they have waited so long to play,” said Alberto González Lorca, VP Third Parties, NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment Europe. “The collaboration with Slightly Mad Studios in this exciting title raises the racing game experience to a whole new level.”

Project CARS Day-One Patch Notes are given below:

-Numerous performance increases
-Lykan Hypersport by W Motors added
-Support for Fanatec wheels added
-Improved rain effects
-Vastly more responsive camera physics resulting in an all-new silky smoothness to the
-AI drivers behave far more appropriately in wet weather conditions – braking earlier, being
more careful etc..
-AI drivers now increase in challenge as the season progresses – they feel the pressure
just like you
-AI drivers become more aware of the danger of shunting at high speeds and therefore
don’t do it as much
-Improved default pitting strategies for player and AI
-Improvements to AI drivers that are forced to do a mandatory pitstop
-Improved AI rolling starts behavior
-The host can now force tire wear, damage, and fuel use in a multiplayer event
-There’s now a random time between the starting lights going from red to green – just like
real life
-Quick Race Weekends now default to a two lap race with 19 opponents
-The player’s starting position in karting events has been weighted better
-A ?Jump To Next Event’ button added to your Career Calendar
-Increase sampling of the Xbox One gamepad resulting in increased responsiveness
-The player car receives more damage if ramming nose-first into other vehicles
-Superkarts are now less ?bouncy’
-You can now see the weather forecast when sat in the Pit Box
-Better balancing of the Player Tailoring presets when you first load the game
-Improvements to the accuracy of info the Race Engineer talks to you about
-Improvements to the seat adjustment limits for cars with a visible roll cage
-The hard limit of 100 Driver Network photos has now been removed
-Improved usability & navigation on some screens
-Fine-tune balancing of accolade earning and contract offers
-Improvements to oversteer seen on cars running on cold tires
-Improvements to corner cutting and warning flags
-Improved transitions and responsiveness between all screens
-Improved support for non-standard resolutions
-Improved accuracy in Driver Network Profile statistics
-Improved language support
-Added the ability to chat directly from your cockpit in-game on PC (mappable to a key of
your choice)
-Improvements to how the game pauses whilst application switching
-Phase 1 of support for dedicated servers
-Additional filters added to the lobby browser
-Various minor bug fixes and typos

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