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Project 7: Mikael Kasurinen shares some details on the new Remedy game


Polygon recently interviewed Mikael Kasurinen of Remedy, who has unveiled some details about the mysterious game Project 7, the next project of the Finnish studio not yet officially announced.

Kasurinen made it known that they can not share a lot of information but Polygon has nevertheless tried to extract some information from the Game Director. We thus discover that Project 7 is not actually the much-rumored Alan Wake 2, but it is a game heavily focused on multiplayer co-op that will share some elements with Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

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The goal of Remedy is to improve the connection between the narrative and the gameplay: “When we start to think of a new game we don’t think necessarily that it needs to have multiplayer. We look at the concept and ask these questions about what are the different elements that would elevate this game into a unique special thing, differentiate it from others? Part of that process is that we make an effort to ensure that every piece fits together. Project 7 is meant to be a cooperative game in an open world that will provide players the space to create,” these are the words of Mikael Kasurinen, terminating the interview confirming that the plot will play in each case a role of primary importance, as it is traditional for Remedy.

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