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Producer Says No Plans for Street Fighter VI, Focus is on Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has continued the legacy of the fighting saga for a long time. Due to the arrival of the new generation, several rumors have spoken about a new possible title of the franchise. Is there a Street Fighter VI game in development?

According to the producer of the game, “No”. Yoshinori Ono wanted to make it clear that the team is not working on any new games and that their only priority is to continue working for their latest installment.

Yoshinori Ono turned to Twitter to silence rumors about Street Fighter VI: “I don’t have SF6…Who ever said so Our mind is only in one place, #SFVAE work!” The sharp response has cleared all the doubts we might have about this matter.

It is true that the launch of Street Fighter V was somewhat disappointing, but the redemption of the title under the name of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has been a good revulsion. You can understand the decision of the producer of the saga, since this last title has been releasing new material and content every so often.

Street Fighter VI may not be in development, but it is clear that we will continue to enjoy the saga for a long time. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is one of the games invited to one of the most important tournaments for fighting games, Evo, one of the most famous eSports competitions, has already confirmed the official list of the games that will be in the event.

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